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Forex trading offers lucrative opportunities to investors, being one of the world’s largest and most liquid financial markets. On an average, over $5.7 trillion USD is traded every day with more number of retail investors buying and selling currencies in anticipation of making huge profits. The forex market offers the highest liquidity than any other markets in the world, even more than the existing stock markets. Over the years, modern forex trading platforms have grown in popularity among investors as they have been made easy, accessible and convenient than ever before.

Manual trading v/s auto trading - Which is better?

With the evolution of the Internet and technology, many of investors are switching over from manual trading to automated trading. There is the considerable amount of time and effort involved in the analysis of complex technical data through manual trading, which can be cumbersome. On the other hand, it’s possible to get fast and measurable results using auto trading, with less chance of errors as compared to manual trading.

Auto trading makes it pretty convenient to manage and track different types of currencies from a single location and help in efficient decision making. The market is constantly changing with fluctuating prices and changing economic policies that can affect profits. With no limiting factor of time, it allows trading 24 hours a day, which provides more flexibility and convenience to the traders.

" Expert Advisor" is specifically designed for this purpose, and this software can be easily installed to the trading platform to give you proven results. This automated trading software has been written using the MQL4 programming language designed to work on the MT4 platform.

Benefits of using Expert Advisor

-Fully Automated

There is no human intervention and all the tasks can be performed automatically, which is a practical solution for all types of traders.

-No Experience Required

Traders with little or no experience can gain access to this trading platform with greater ease and convenience.

-Minimum Deposit

Does not require a huge sum and can be run using a small $100 balance.

-Professionally Managed

All trades are managed by group of professionals with the right blends of skills and years of experience in forex trading to give a competitive edge to your business.

-Easy to Use and Install

Quick and easy to set up using a few simple steps that allows both novice and inexperienced traders to use this software with less effort.

-Works with all types of accounts

It can be used across all types of accounts, including ECN, NDD, Standard and micro accounts.

-Manage trading operations smoothly

Performs different activities based on preset rules to manage all the assigned tasks right from sending orders, adjust stop losses and find profit levels.

-No scope for hedging or scalping

This system does not use scalping or hedging strategies that can give short term gains or result in huge losses at times to the traders.

-Smart Money Management

It helps in better decision making to minimize the risks involved in trading by taking into account the existing market conditions to ensure more profits.

-24/5 customer support

Get access to expert around the clock assistance from our experienced and knowledgeable team to resolve any queries or issues, regarding installation or using our Forex Expert Advisor.

Back test

Take a close look at the back test report devised by our Expert Advisor from the last 2 years. Click on the image below to access a detailed report: Expert Advisor Back Test

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